Who turned out the lights?

While I was making dinner the other night, my husband was installing new overhead lights in the garage. He had to turn off the power in there, but in doing so, it turned off the lights in the kitchen. He very kindly brought me a small, bright lantern light so that I could see to finish dinner. As I was cooking the chicken, I realized that I couldn’t tell if it was done or not so I had to bring the light closer.
Not being able to see the chicken was just the first of many problems that I had since I wasn’t able to see well.
The next problem that presented itself was the need for a glass bowl in the bottom cabinet, which looks invisible in the dark. Once the light was close enough, I found my bowl and continued. Here is something that I found interesting. Even though the light did not shine well enough to see the entire object across the room, it did show the itty bitty spaghetti bits that were on the counter top and the areas on the stove that had splashes of boiling water.

It reminds me of our lives sometimes. We go through life not using the Light, Jesus, to our best advantage or we only use the Light when we need it to make something brighter.

What if we went through our lives and used the Light of Jesus to guide our path as a light in the darkness every single day, not just when we need to use it. Psalm 119:105 tells us just that, that the Word is a lamp unto my feet and a Light unto my path.

When we allow the Light to shine into our dark places, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to come in and show us places in our day to day lives that need help but the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
When we use Jesus as our light, it shows all of the little imperfections in our lives as well as the big ones. That in and of itself can be scary. But once you have illuminated the sins in the darkness you can begin to fix those and let God take them away!
Pray that He will illuminate the sins in your heart so that you can ask and be forgiven. This is not a one and done type of request; this is a daily assignment.

I challenge you to let Christ be your Light, refuge, and strength in very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1) Let Him shine on your yuck so that you can work together to clean it up!

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