What do you see?

Each time we have a birthday party, I receive pictures from friends and family that were at the party, so I am able to see so many things that I hadn’t seen myself.
The most recent party was my oldest and we went indoor rock wall climbing! The reason I didn’t get pictures myself was that once we got there we realized that we had way more climbers than we had places to climb without help, so I got trained to be a belay person for those climbing.  What that means is that I clipped into one side of the rope and the climber clipped into the other end.  I stayed on the ground and kept the climber from falling by taking the rope’s slack as they climb up and locking it in so that there is tension on their rope.  Without that stress on the rope, it would be loose, and the climber can become afraid that they will fall.  The belayer’s job is to keep that from happening.  I controlled the tension on the way up and let them down gently when they were ready to come down which meant I had to continually watch them and feel for their ascent.  In doing this I couldn’t pay attention to what was happening around me.

This reminded me of our lives and our walk with Christ.  We must stay focused on our own ascent and descent through life instead of paying attention to what others are doing.  When we do, it could be disastrous to our own life.  The comparison game is real and prominent in the world today.  Especially with all the social media outlets that allow anyone to post about anything whether or not it is true.  You only see what they want you to see.
We must be anchored in Christ.  Sometimes there is tension in our life, but that is an indication that God’s got you.  Everything we go through has a purpose.  God’s plan for each of our lives is to for our wellbeing, not for disaster, but to give us hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

If we are continually looking at other people’s view of success, we will inevitably fall.  We must be alert, of sound mind, and moment by moment keeping our eyes on Jesus!  I love this reminder in 1 Thessalonians 6:4-8, “But friends, you’re not in the dark, so how could you be taken off guard by any of this? You’re sons of Light, daughters of Day. We live under wide open skies and know where we stand. So let’s not sleepwalk through life like those others. Let’s keep our eyes open and be smart. People sleep at night and get drunk at night. But not us! Since we’re creatures of Day, let’s act like it. Walk out into the daylight sober, dressed up in faith, love, and the hope of salvation.’

I challenge you today to think about where you are looking.  Is your eye on Jesus or are there other things in your life that have your attention?  What are those things in your life that are taking away your focus?  Write these out and ask the Lord to help you change your focus on Him.

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