Do you like water?

While sitting on the porch one morning doing my quiet time, this huge water sprinkler came on to water the grass on the golf course.

I watched it and couldn’t look away.  I was reminded that in Christ I am like a watered garden.

In Isaiah 58:11 it says “The Lord will always lead you; He will satisfy you in a parched land (aren’t we living in a parched land right now?) and strengthen your bones.  You will be like a watered garden and like a spring whose waters never run dry.”
As I read those words my face lit up and I smiled so big because I am like a watered garden.  If you are in Christ YOU are like a watered garden.  We NEED Christ to rain down on us.  We NEED Christ to satisfy us.  I looked up what satisfy means and the dictionary says, “ to fulfill the desires and expectations, needs, or demands; to give assurance to.”
I don’t know about you but if I don’t have my quiet time each day, my coffee break with my Heavenly Daddy, I am dry, thirsty and in need of water.  My God is the only one that can do that.  He is Living Water!
Thinking back on the water sprinkler  It is a lot like us.  We are the grass, Christ is the sprinkler.  The grass cannot survive without the sprinkler.  What would happen to the grass if it didn’t have it;’s daily dose of water?  It would dry out, shrivel up and become brown and callus.  It NEEDS the water and the water needs the grass.  That is its purpose.  To saturate, satisfy the grass, and ground.  If it hits concrete it just puddles, because its purpose is not for the un-alive concrete (yes, I just made that a word.)
Christ wants to water you daily.  He wants to rain down His love on you, but you have to be alive in Christ.  You have to be an open willing vessel to receive His outpouring.

I challenge you to be like the grass.  A willing vessel, soaking up all that God has to offer you.  Shiny on the outside, bright, and beautiful because you have been watered by Christ!

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