Did you laugh?

Yesterday morning I was reading in Genesis, and in chapter 17and 18 it talks about God’s covenant with Abraham and Sarah getting pregnant…at 90!
In Gen. 18:12 Sarah laughs to herself and says, Can an old shriveled up old woman have a baby with this old man?.  And then in 18:13 God asks her why she laughed, and she denied it, but then a few verses down God says, “No.  You did laugh.”
He called her out.  She lied because she was afraid.
How many times have we laughed at God and then denied it when someone calls us out on it?
God asks us questions already knowing the answer.  My favorite verse in this is the last one.  Gen 18:15 “Is there anything impossible with God?”
If God can make a 90-year-old woman pregnant, raise people from the dead, and move mountains, then why do we laugh when He tries to give us something big?  Is it a faith problem or a trust issue?
Faith can be the opposite of fear.  So if you allow fear of the unknown to take over, you can not have confidence that it will come to fruition.
Trust is a belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of something or someone.
Has God not shown us that He can be trusted?  So I ask you again,  why do we dismiss Him or laugh when He is giving us something?  I don’t have an answer for that because that question is for YOU to answer.  

What is keeping your hands closed instead of opening up and grasping what is YOURS to take?
I challenge you to think about the gifts that the Lord is trying to give you, but because of either your lack of faith or trust, you won’t move forward.
Moving into the unknown can be scary, but if it is from God, you best believe that He will be there with you and go before you.
Will you trust Him?

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