Are you on fire?

While sitting with my husband watching our bonfire burn down he poked one of the logs and the embers on the bottom lit up bright red and orange and released an intense heat.
We both commented on the heat that was coming off of the embers.

I said, “Isn’t it amazing that the pieces that were part of the big logs are actually hotter than the logs themselves?”

I sat there amazed at how good God is and how mesmerizing the flickering embers were. I watched as a little piece would flicker a flame on and off as if on command. And as I watched and giggled at that precious flame, the Lord dropped this little nugget on me.

He said, “You (His children) are just like the log and embers. When you are bright and on fire, people notice and stay close to watch and receive warmth, but then as your fire dies down, people become uninterested and you think it’s over. That’s when I can use you! Those little pieces that once were a log, full of fire became embers that are now hotter than the big flames.

That is what I want my children to know. You are not nothing. You are not useless after your fire goes out. There is more inside of you. Do not give up, my children. Press on.”

That fire that once burned bright inside of you might be down to little embers because of past hurt and pain but GOD can breathe new life into you and make your fire burn once again.
At the end of Ezekiel 37:6 God says I will put MY breath in you (make you alive) so that you come to life. Then you will know that I am Yahweh!

Will you let Him breathe into you?

Dear friend, I challenge you to let Him breathe new life into you.  Maybe you need new life in a relationship, into past hurts, or new life in your walk with Christ.  Whatever it is for you, ask God to do it and He will.  ((HUGS))

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